Did You Miss Last Week’s Excitement?

Here we are mid September already.  Hope you all had a wonderful summer. I am grateful for the fun filled activities we did this summer including 2 family reunions. I saw family I have not seen for 20 years!

And my son started Kindergarten this year, there has not been a dull moment.

September can be a time for new beginnings and if starting your coaching business or taking it to the next level is one of your priorities this fall, I wanted to make sure YOU know about our upcoming opportunity.

There was an Incredible buzz last week about our business building webinar Proven Strategies to take your talent and Passion for Coaching and Turn it into a Profitable Business! Nearly 300 fellow coaches joined in to discuss strategies, support and the actions steps that increase your confidence and help you create a coaching business that truly thrives.

It is so inspiring to witness the growth of the coaching profession and see more and more coaches step into realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.

I know everyone on last week’s webinar took away some key strategies they can implement right away. I also know what we were able to cover on that webinar was just the tip of […]

The Four-Step System to a Powerful Enrollment Conversation

Coaching-enrollment-conversationWhen someone shows curiosity about coaching, how do you respond? As a coach who is also an entrepreneur, it is important to have a system in place to make the most of this opportunity. In my last blog I introduced the strategy of leveraging the complimentary coaching session by approaching it as an enrollment conversation. I want to share a simple four-step system that will enable you to facilitate this initial session in a way that provides maximum value for both your prospect and your business.

Four Steps to a Powerful Enrollment Conversation 

1. Prequalify

When someone asks about coaching, your first task is to find out if they are seriously considering working with a coach, or if they are just curious about the features of coaching in general. A few questions in the initial contact should make this clear.

If your prospect is seriously looking at working with a coach, then begin the process of setting up a complimentary session. Explain that the intent of this session is to get clear about what they want to create and to see if working with a coach is the best next step.

How […]

A Mindset Shift for Making the Most of a Complimentary Coaching Session

Complimentary-Coaching-SessionThe complimentary coaching session is a tool many coaches use to turn prospects into paying clients. Simply put, you invite the prospect to experience coaching by offering the first session free of charge. This is one of the most powerful business building strategies available to coaches, yet many are not using it to their full advantage.

In my Passion into Profit program I teach coaches to embrace their dual role as coach and entrepreneur. One of the keys to adopting the entrepreneurial mindset is the awareness that what we call a complimentary session is actually an enrollment conversation.

In a traditional complimentary coaching session, there is very little business building strategy involved. The client arrives at the session hoping to work through a specific issue. You coach them on this issue, and may even facilitate a breakthrough or an “aha moment.” From a business building perspective, this generalized approach fails to leverage the complimentary session effectively.

The enrollment conversation has a different purpose. It is a coaching session focused entirely on the benefits your prospect will receive by becoming your client. In this approach, the session supports your prospect to get clear both […]

Video Blog: Finding the Right Assistant

In my last post, I emphasized the value of hiring an assistant. I explained why administrative support makes sense at every stage of your business development, from the moment you launch your coaching practice. There are different types of support you will need at different times. The type of assistant you choose will vary according to where you are in the growth of your business. To choose the right type of assistant, imagine support in terms of stages. As your business grows and thrives, you can gradually take everything, including your support team, to the next level!

Level 1: Customer Service

Early in your business, more than likely your main focus will be building your one-on-one coaching practice, and having an assistant who is primarily responsible for customer service can make all the difference. This type of support would include tasks such as contact with prospective clients, booking appointments, and distribution of welcome packages and invoices.

Level 2: Technical Support

As you become more established and begin to expand your practice online, it will be time to consider an assistant who can offer focused technical support. […]

Video Blog: Why it Pays to Hire an Assistant

Hiring an assistant can be one of the greatest steps in claiming that you are a coach in business. When you hire administrative support, you see clearly how you spend your time. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, which is a costly error many entrepreneurs make, you have the space to focus on activities that will attract paying clients.

One of the biggest mistakes I see new coaches make is they wait too long to hire an assistant. There are several administrative tasks that go along with running a successful business. Without support you may not have any time left over to be a coach.

The most common reason new coaches give for not hiring an assistant is that they don’t yet have a positive cash flow. At first glance this reasoning makes sense. It’s hard to justify increasing the financial investment into your business when you don’t have money coming in. But the simple action of hiring an assistant can catapult your business into profitability.

Hiring an assistant can be one of the greatest steps in claiming that you are a coach in business. When you hire administrative […]

The Four Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

EntrepreneurWhen you own a coaching business, you wear two hats. You are the coach, working with your clients, and the entrepreneur working to grow your business. You are always both, always balancing these dual roles.

Successful entrepreneurs know how to use their time efficiently and strategically to garner the best possible results. They plan ahead to make the most of each week and they consistently engage in these four business-building habits:

1.     Money Making Activities

This is the foundation of your business. Sixty percent of your time needs to be spent on activities that directly generate income for your business. In addition to your regular coaching sessions, these activities may include attending a networking event, asking for referrals, following up with clients, or providing a complimentary session.

2.     Preparation 

Preparation activities are all the things we do to make the income producing activities possible. Preparation may include working on website content, blogging, creating marketing materials, etc. These activities (ideally) become moneymakers when they create opportunities to generate paying clients. Block out 20 percent of your time for preparation activities.

3.     Super Service

Ten percent of your calendar should be devoted to “wowing” your clients. A big […]

Learn From My Challenges And Make It A Stress Free Summer

My son Kenny and I recently spent some time in Ottawa visiting Grandma and Grandpa. One of the main reasons for the trip was the opportunity for my son to experience camping with Grandpa. The chances that Kenny’s dad and I would ever take him camping are pretty slim, and definitely not the way Grandpa does it! We roughed it in the truest sense - no comforts, just the great outdoors (the things we do for our children, right?). What I didn’t realize before we went on this adventure was just how rewarding this experience would be for me, not to mention how much I needed it. In my mentoring conversations with fellow coaches I often talk about the importance of fully unplugging and completely stepping away from technology. For me, our authentic camping trip was a fully unplugged experience and the timing could not have been better! NLPIC3

Are Your Activities Giving You Bottom-line Results?

SettingPrioritiesEntrepreneurs are busy people. We work on our business and in our business and there is always more to do. The baffling part is that we can work a lot of hours and not get the outcomes we want.

It’s not hard to get busy. The whirlwind of activity is always available to us. If we’re not discerning about the type of activity we focus on, we can end up frustrated, exhausted and no further ahead. It can be challenging to consistently take the actions we need to take to have success but it is critical to the growth of our business.

One of the reasons entrepreneurs often get lost in an endless sea of tasks is because the actions that are most valuable are often the most vulnerable. It feels safer to catch up on emails or work on the website than it does to pick up the phone and follow up with a prospective client. This is not to say that administrative tasks are not part of the entrepreneurial toolbox, but if you are hiding behind a mountain of administrative tasks and failing to do the income-producing activities that will […]

The Value of Letting Yourself Be Seen

Let-yourself-be-seenThe power of conscious vulnerability is a popular topic in personal development. Many people don’t realize it’s also an effective business-building strategy. Are you allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your role as a coach and entrepreneur? If not, you are missing an opportunity to access a powerful business-building tool.

When you allow yourself to be fully seen, you open the door to being fully supported. Vulnerability is necessary to the development of your support team, whether your team includes a coach, colleagues, a mastermind group or all three!  As an entrepreneur, it is key to cultivate a network of people supporting each other to achieve success. Vulnerability is the invisible component that unlocks the power of this supportive network.

Being seen includes showing your weaknesses and shortcomings, along with your successes and wins. Vulnerability is a willingness to invite others to witness all of who we are. When we do this, people can begin to relate to us in authentic and meaningful ways. This builds a foundation of trust.

One strategy that can help you begin to explore vulnerability is to practice the skill of asking for help. Even though we are in […]

It May Feel Vulnerable But It Is Key For Your Success

Here at Coach Teresia, we are in celebration mode! International Coaching Week is in full swing from May 18-24, a time to celebrate our extraordinary profession. And did you know the coaching profession is havingcelebrate a very special birthday? It’s the 20 year anniversary of the International Coaching Federation, and ICF Vancouver Chapter is celebrating 15 years!

I was in the early stages of my career when I co-founded ICF Vancouver alongside fellow coach Terry Ramsey, and I am one proud ‘Mama’ today! This vibrant coaching community has continued to grow and thrive thanks to the commitment and dedication of our volunteer board of directors. I have been privileged to witness the evolution of coaching across Canada and the world.

To add to the festivities, I am offering a very special May promotion. Our business-building products are 50% off until the end of the month. Now that’s something to celebrate! :). There may be one that is perfect for your current business building efforts! Click here to choose your favorites.

Now let’s get to work. In today’s laser coaching session, I invite you to join me in embracing both the […]