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I Hate Selling! Discover 3 ways to Turn That Around

We just launched our Passion into Profit program and I had the great opportunity to have many powerful conversations with individuals who have mustered up the courage to become self employed and join the rewarding profession of professional coaching and consulting.  During these conversations a common theme, (fear, concern) continued to surface -“I love what I do but I hate selling.” Ok not all of them used the word “hate” but over the years working with self employed professionals, many share their discomfort in having to sell their services.

Can you relate?  The truth is people do buy people – if they like you, trust you and believe you can help them get what they need, they will invest in your services. At the end of the day, like it or not as a self employed professional you are selling yourself.

My advice is to let go of the word selling all together, for many there is a negative connotation linked to the act of selling. Stop selling and start enrolling. What’s the difference? Selling usually refers to attempting to influence someone to buy your service. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And a lot of times, it can be uncomfortable.

When you enroll someone, you are having a conversation where you are inviting them to explore the possibilities they could create in their life when they purchase your service. Simply put, enrolment is the art and practice of generating a spark of possibility for others to share. When we step into the enrolment conversation, the focus becomes about the needs of your prospective client and you enter what I call “coach position”; you become curious, you ask questions, it becomes a process of connecting with people on a deeper level, learning who they are and what they really want in their life.

During the enrolment conversation you will do 3 things:

1. Show up with an intention to SERVE people, not sell them.

2. Ask questions to get to know people and find out WITT – what is important to them? (What problems do they have? What solutions are they after)?

3. Listen carefully and make a recommendation about how your service can help them get what they want (if that indeed is true).

People naturally move forward when they see an opportunity for themselves. 

By taking this approach, you will build the skills to make a huge difference in people’s lives – now that is a lot more fun then selling!

Turning Prospects into Clients…

Does your business depend on your ability to influence?

I am very passionate about helping others enjoy and increase their effectiveness with what I call the ‘enrolment’ conversation: the conversation that moves from “hello!” to the sale.  

I created a workbook and two audios called How to Turn Prospects into Clients with the Complimentary Session. It’s an inside look at a system that I have developed over the years to put the fun and connection back into “sales”.  It helps people: 

  • Feel more authentic, confident and comfortable talking to people about your business
  • Know what questions to ask to connect deeply with people and ignite their motivation
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the psychology behind influence; not just what works, but WHY it works
  • Develop the skill and confidence to approach potential clients and effectively guide them to do business with you
  • Better qualify prospects so you don’t waste time with the wrong people.
  • It is a system that sets up the condition for people to say yes in wanting to work with you!

If you are coach or a consultant click here to find out more about Turning Prospects in Clients with the Complimentary Session visit

Click here to download Rae’s story:


Rae Chois

Rae Chois









Rae T. Chois, ICF Master Certified Transformation Coach
Erickson International Training & Certification Faculty

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The Power of Influence: A concept that changed my life.

I will never forget one of my first defining moments; the man that I thought I would marry, have children with, buy the house with the white picket fence, the whole shebang – dumped me – yes dumped me, just like that. I think he said something like “this is not working for me anymore” and that was it! But before we parted ways, he gave me the book Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins  and said read it you need it. Once I got past my ego, I realized he was right. I was depending on external things to make me happy. 

In the middle of the pain of being rejected, I devoured every word Anthony Robbins said about influence and the psychology behind it. Then I stumbled across Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People  Seminar and I was hooked. I knew somewhere deep inside that no matter what path I chose to walk, this information would make the difference in the level of my success and the quality of relationships in my life.

Before long I quit university, (I was living in Ottawa going to Ottawa University at time) sold my car and moved to Vancouver to work for the Anthony Robbins franchise. My parents were appalled.  “You are quitting university to work for the man we see on TV in the middle night selling this thing called personal power – for $8 an hour!?

I saw it differently – I was going to be paid to go to the Anthony Robbins University and I was creating the opportunity to be in an environment where I could master the art of influence. I was in pure bliss.

Almost twenty years later, I write this newsletter sitting on a patio over looking the ocean from the home of my dreams. I am in a relationship that nurtures my soul daily and I relish in the luxury of the lifestyle that being an entrepreneur allows and experience  daily gratitude that I get to live my dream of coaching individuals to live their dreams.

It hasn’t always been an easy journey but I sure wouldn’t have the business and life I have today if I did not master the power of influence.

A few weeks ago ForbesWoman  released The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women and one quote jumped right off the page: “Forbes’ Power Women list isn’t about celebrity or popularity; it’s about influence.”

Now that’s really saying something! Think about it. The ability to influence IS power. It enables success. It leads to wealth and opportunity and relationships. It makes things happen.

These ladies clearly know how to make things happen. Want to meet these masters of influence? Here’s a great three-minute video  about them.

Whether you want to influence people to buy your products or services or have higher quality relationships, I have discovered there are four key factors of influence.

Factor #1 To build Rapport:
Rapport is the heart of influence. The word rappoarte comes from the Greek language and means “to carry back to another person an experience of themselves”. Rapport building is being willing to understand and experience another person’s view of the world as if you were that person. This is the art of making someone feel comfortable and accepted. Think of this as being “in sync” with someone, establishing a harmonious relationship of mutual trust or affinity. When you get along with someone well, they instinctively listen to and trust you.

To dive in deeper and learn more about the skill of Rapport, check out the book Step-by-Step System, by Marilyn Atkinson, Owner of Erickson International and Rae Choice, Master Certified Coach. The first chapter gives a wonderful overview of some of the key points of Rapport. Email to get your copy.

Factor #2. The ability to influence oneself:
Research shows that top salespeople believe that selling is the transference of emotion. They are extremely aware of the importance of being in a powerful emotional state of mind before talking with a customer. The ability to influence ourselves is about learning to manage our own emotions.  Sorry to say it wasn’t your ability alone that produced a particular result, it was the emotional state you were in at that moment.

Do you feel in every cell of your body, that your prospect can get what they need from your product or service? Do you believe without a shadow of a doubt that you’re worth what you charge? Influencing yourself on these issues may be the most important factor of all in your ability to influence your prospective clients and customers. Your level of confidence, conviction and congruency must be strong before the influencing process even begins.

This month decide to play with your rapport skills, and ask yourself where are you REALLY with your level of conviction with what you are “selling”.  With these two factors you are well on your way to becoming a master of influence! Be sure to join me next month for 2 more critical factors in becoming a master influencer.

In support of your success!
Teresia LaRocque, MCC


Are you a Success Coach?  

Did you know our next Passion into Profit Program starts November 3rd?

What an amazing year! The tools, the processes, the discussions, the support in the Passion into Profit program made the difference between me failing and succeeding! I will continue to refer all those I run into. Thank you!
~ Teresa Groendahl

The Passion into Profit program offers an empowering environment that supports you, gives you proven strategies and tools that create results and provides a structure of accountability that keeps you in action. Participants leverage their business, enjoy the process and increase their bottom line!
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The Health Benefits of Friendship!

“Your friend is someone who
all about you,
and still loves you anyways.”

~ Elbert Hubbard

Did you know that the first Sunday in August is Friendship Day?

I just learned this on Sunday, sharing a wonderful day with two of my closest friends, as we played in a pool by the ocean with my favourite 2-year-old twin girls, Ava and Marlowe. Meet Ava and Marlowe

I have become the twins adopted Aunt since their mom Debrah Rafel-Osborn (one of my best friends), passed away a year and a half ago. I miss my friendship with Debrah greatly and everyday I am grateful for the friendships I have in my life.

After a fun afternoon playing in the pool, my friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a strawberry margarita on a patio. As I was enjoying the view of the ocean and the mountains, reflecting on how much joy the twins bring into my life and perhaps a little buzz from my strawberry margarita J, my heart was overflowing with gratitude. I made a toast sharing my gratitude as well as the wonderful gift of friendships. On the way home, we learned that the first Sunday in August is Friendship Day. The tradition of dedicating a day in honor of friends began in the US in 1935. Today Friendship Day is celebrated in many countries. What a wonderful reason to have a celebration! I know this will be a yearly tradition in my life.

A few facts to ponder: 

  • The health benefits of friendship include a longer, healthier life.
  • Being a good friend makes your life more fun, interesting, and easy to handle!
  • Another health benefit of friendship is that when you have even one best or close friend, your attitude and ability to deal with stress and problems is greatly increased. Strong feelings of connectedness are another health benefit of friendship.
  • Surprisingly, even spending time with an intimate partner doesn’t provide the same health benefits as friendship. Good friends offer a different kind of support than lovers, siblings, parents, or children do. Good friends provide a different level of understanding and communication — and this positively affects your health, wellness, and attitude.

May your summer include creating wonderful memories with your closest friends!  Want to meet some of my cherished friends click here

TLC Coaches challenge:

Do you make spending time with your friends a priority?

This month, book 2 dates to spend uninterrupted time with some of your closest friends.

You deserve the health benefits of friendship, not to mention the emotional boost you will experience!


Is your business keeping you from having fun this summer?

I love summer – it is my favorite season. I love the long, lazy days in the breezy sunshine… the smell of the BBQ… the sounds of kids playing in the water.

When the sun is shining I want to be playing not working.

As a business leader, there is a TON to get done. I could swear my to-do list is a perpetual motion machine. But my marketing and customer service is getting done – and done very well! – even while I play.

Someone once asked the former president of Coca-Cola: What is the number one skill required for success?

What do you think he said? Communication skills? Strategic thinking? Intense focus? Nope.

He said, with absolute conviction: “What separates those who achieve from those who do not is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask for help.”

Are you surprised? I’m not. To those of us who have felt the intense pressure of high ambitions and a fast pace – and reached out for help – this makes a LOT of sense.

When we set up a strong network of support around us:

  • 1. We make fewer mistakes and waste less time on the learning curve – because things get handled by the people who do those things best.
  • 2. We free up time, energy and attention to do the things we do best – our unique abilities that attract more business, pay bigger rewards, and feel great in the process.
  • 3. Several things get done at once!

When I started my business 13 years ago, it took me 8 months to hire my first support person – and that was 8 months too long! Along the way, I continued to grow my team, and I don’t know where I’d be today without my powerhouse of support – my virtual assistant, bookkeeper, web whiz and wordsmith. (But I know I wouldn’t be heading out for a long weekend get-away!)

Listen, the Lone Ranger syndrome is a deadly one. Trying to do it all yourself can kill your motivation, momentum, even your business. I see this over and over with my clients. So, why do people have such a hard time with the idea of hiring some specialized help?

Here are the most common excuses I hear:

  • 1. Finances – “I can’t afford it.”
  • 2. Time constraints – “I’m too busy to stop what I’m doing and find/train the right person.”
  • 3. Fear of letting go – “No one knows my business like I do, so no one else can do things as well or as fast as I can.”
  • 4. Uncertainty – “Do I really need to hire someone yet? I don’t know if I’m ready for that much help.”
  • 5. The unknown – “I don’t know how to go about finding someone, what skills they need, or how to train them. Where do I even start?” 

Sound familiar? I have heard these comments more times than I can count – heck, I’ve even used them myself. 

But if you really want to have more free time and get more results with less effort, it’s time to acknowledge these larger truths:

  • 1. You can hire as little or as much help as you want (and can afford). If finances are tight, start small. As soon as you free up some time and energy, and you devote more to your money-making activities, you’ll be able to afford more help.
  • 2. Most people wait until they’re completely stuck before they seek outside support. By then, it’s much more challenging to bring a new person up to speed and create the results you’re looking for. If you do the hiring work now, before you’re desperate, you can create a strong foundation for your business to grow on. As every savvy business owner, you have to do what’s important – not just what’s urgent.
  • 3. Concerns that “an outsider’s” work won’t be up to par have immobilized many young businesses. But with the right screening tools and hiring process, that risk can be greatly minimized.
  • 4. With a little research and the right resources (like the Hire Vision e-book noted below), you’ll be able to figure out exactly what you need – and exactly how to find it.
  • 5. If you want to get to the next level, understand that even a little help can translate into effortless results and a LOT of extra time for you. With the ever-expanding field of freelancers and part-time options, an assistant doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment.

Don’t wait until you’re drowning before you call for help. With a little (or a lot) more help, you can refocus your attention on the activities you really love, and the ones that that really pay.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • 1. How much time could you free up if you hired someone? And better yet, what could you do with it?
  • 2. How incredible would it feel to know that the drudgery, maintenance, and minor details of your business are being expertly handled for you?
  • 3. What would you do differently if you had a capable professional at your disposal? Keep a notepad by your computer and start building a list of everything you’d like to hand off. Go ahead, dare to dream!
  • 4. How would it feel to walk into your office, knowing you only need to focus on the things you do best – the things you love to do?

Professionals who work with reliable, capable support people have more time and energy – and sanity! – to contribute to their business, their family, and everything else they care about. It’s called leverage! When you offload the drudgery, you give your natural brilliance a chance to shine.

If you’re still feeling hesitant to hire some support, it’s time get honest with yourself. What fears are holding you back? Write them down, and take a good, hard look. As valid as they may be, see if you can find ways around them. For every problem there are many solutions… you just have to hunt for them.

Don’t you owe it to yourself (and your loved ones) to make your life a little (okay, a LOT) easier?

This summer, set yourself up to accomplish way more in less time – by leveraging the power of a T.E.A.M… because Together Everyone Accomplishes More – and profits go through the roof!

P.S.  Are you ready to find more support for your business, but you’re not sure about the next steps?  Relax… we have just what you need to find the right people, get them up to speed, and experience a new level of success.hireblog

Building a Hire Vision: How to Find, Hire and Empower Exceptional People will answer all your questions about the hiring process – even the ones you didn’t know you had! Complete with forms, step-by-step instructions, and the voice of experience, it’s the only book you’ll need… find out more

BONUS -  Along with the purchase of your ebook, Hire Vision, receive a 60-day free trial to get started with Email Marketing, with one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools available for businesses today.

PLUS - The first 10 people who purchase the Hire Vision ebook will also receive a FREE  personal consultation from Gail to identify the ‘Top 3 things that will help you sell more’.  Value $150.00


The Magic of the Mastermind

Can you believe we’re already halfway through this year? It’s true! Summer is upon us, so I have a very important question for you:

Are you still on track to achieve the goals you set in January?

By this time of year, most people are more focused on getaways than breakthroughs… but the actions you take in the next 90 days can have a tremendous impact on your results for the year.

So I’m going to let you in on my favourite way to have the best of both worlds. If you want to get more done with less effort… if you want to take quantum leaps forward without burning yourself out… I strongly encourage you to explore the Magic of a Mastermind.

In the simplest terms, a mastermind is two or more people coming together with a common purpose and desire to support each other with ideas, encouragement, insights and resources in a non-competitive environment.

I was first introduced to the concept of masterminding when I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie (then the richest man in the world) to interview over 500 of the most successful people alive. His goal: identify the common elements of their success.

It took him 29 years to complete his task, and in 1937, he finally published the results of his work. Think and Grow Rich outlined 13 principles that were common to every successful person. One of those principles was the mastermind group.

Hill demonstrated that no successful person achieves great things alone. Every achiever is surrounded by people who help them, advise them, give them constructive feedback, encourage them, motivate them, inspire them and push them to be better than they could ever be on their own.

This concept really resonated with me, and I couldn’t wait to put it to work in my own life. When I launched my coaching business in 1996, one of the first things I did was organize a mastermind team.

There were only three of us, and we were all from different industries, but we showed up for each other every week. Not only did I reap the benefits of their support and expertise – I got a lot of referrals too! I was hooked on masterminding… and this was only the beginning.

Within three years, I had reached my original business goals. It was time to step up to the next level. I wanted to impact more people, creating passive income, and build a team of associate coaches.

On a call with my best friend and colleague Sonia Stringer, we scratched our heads and said, “Why reinvent the wheel? There are a lot of people out there who have achieved the level of professional success we’re looking for. Let’s collaborate with them.”

So we started a search for other coaches throughout North America who were getting the results we wanted, and we drafted an e-mail, asking them to join a mastermind. To our great delight, all seven accepted.

Seven years later, our mastermind is still going strong, we meet weekly by phone and once a year we treat ourselves to an in person mastermind retreat at a cool and exciting location – like a gorgeous chalet in Whistler Ski Village, Canada… or the oceanfront beach house in San Diego… or that great cabin in Winterpark, Colorado.

whistlerThe retreats are some of my most treasured memories. The ideas, insights and support we exchange are more than helpful – they’re incredible! We have pulled each other through the tight spots, traded insider tips on marketing and technology, developed ideas and products, and brought the definition of fun to a whole new level!

Assembling this group was probably my most strategic business move ever. Without my mastermind, my business would not be where it is today – and the same is true for everyone else in the group.  Meet my mastermind team!

When you’re ready to take quantum leaps, it’s time to mastermind!

If you are like many business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs, chances are you suffer from the “Lone Ranger” mentality – doing it on your own. It’s just the way most of us do things. But getting to the next level usually requires us to do things a little differently.

The world’s most successful people rely on mastermind groups. Shouldn’t you?

What if you had your own team of advisors? What if you started collaborating with a group of sharp, successful people – people who were totally in your corner and focusing the best of their energy, resources and expertise on your goals? How much further could you go?

People come together as a mastermind for all sorts of reasons – business growth, personal growth, working on a specific project, emotional support, motivation, a sense of community – and they are often surprised to find way more than they expected.

There is a special kind of magic, a powerful group synergy, that comes forth when people work together to support each other. The results can be truly astonishing.

Think about it: what could you accomplish in the next few years if you had a powerful support team behind you?

If you’re inspired to put the power of a mastermind to work in your life, I invite you to explore “The Magic of the Mastermind” – an e-book created by my own mastermind team!

We’ve compiled the most complete guide available to forming and managing your own mastermind group – your personal board of advisors!

Written from the voice of experience, this book includes tips, strategies and insights on what makes a group truly successful (and what makes others fizzle with time). With over 50 pages of material, including a toolkit of forms and scripts to get you started, you’ll have everything you need to create a mastermind that can propel you to the next level – and beyond! To learn more, click here.

In support of your success!


Teresia LaRocque, MCC

P.S. Is now the time to have a mastermind team be part of your strategic life plan?
P.P.S. Visit us at

 I am excited to share that this fall we are launching “The Triple “M” Mastermind- Mind, Money and A Life of Meaning” an exclusive mastermind team for business leaders who are committed to living their best life.

If you are interested email us at to receive your initial questionnaire and book and interview to ensure The Triple M Mastermind is a good fit.

What my mastermind members are saying

Deciding to start a mastermind is one of the smartest decisions I have made, for me and my coaching business.  By being part of a group of like-minded and like-hearted professionals, I have been stimulated and challenged to think beyond my normal limitations.I sometimes learn more in our one-hour brainstorming sessions than I do in a formal training workshop or months of trial-and-error in my own business.   Most importantly, I have created personal bonds with each of the participants that have extended far past our business connections. I feel I have created a “family” of unconditional support that has given me the confidence to dream big and become more.”
Sonia >

I believe that everyone at our very core has a deep longing to contribute. Being part of a mastermind allows me to contribute and serve others and I am learning how to allow others to serve and contribute to the growth of my soul and the heart of my business. I have the deepest respect for the love and support that I receive from my mastermind.”
Greg Clowminzer,