The Dualities of Life

I am beginning to see that when we embrace the dualities of life we become more of the person we are meant to be.

Sleep – wake
Day – night
Positive – negative
Work – play
All – nothing

Sorrow -Joy

Death – life.

And many more.

Profound sorrow, profound joy, has been my reality since January 6th.

Profound sorrow, profound joy has been my reality since I suddenly lost my life partner and the father of my son.

With loss there is an overwhelming experience of duality of emotions.

Something I am learning to embrace. Something I am beginning see and cherish the hidden gifts.

I watch this video I feel sorrow.
I watch this video I feel joy.

Kenny and I were in Ottawa visiting my family. Our first trip home since Brian passed away.

It was hard. Many firsts. Loss gives a whole new meaning to firsts. I use to be energized by firsts, now, mostly, I dread them and need to regroup after them.

My parents took Kenny camping for 3 days, my brother and his girlfriend joined them, I stayed back encouraged to take time for myself.

I watch this video and my heart expands to see my son so happy and having new experiences in his life.

I watch this video and my heartaches as I watch Kenny have new experiences in his life and not have his dad by his side.

I watch this video and my heart expands as I am reminded of all the love that surrounds Kenny and I.

I watch this video and my heartaches as I am acutely aware of the physical absence of Brians love for Kenny and I.

I watch this video and my heart expands as I know deep down Kenny and I will be Ok. We will survive and one day we will again thrive.

I watch this video and my heartaches as I know as we begin to fully live our life again we will no longer share our dreams and life experiences with Brian.

I deeply miss Brian, my heartaches.

The ache is constant and I openly lean into the pockets of joy when they show up, which to my surprise they are often. Thank you God.

Profound Sadness. Profound Joy.

I am in awe that I can feel both in the same moment. Since loss the duality of emotion has been a constant experience in my life.

Before loss, I don’t recall feeling sadness and joy at the same time. I would either stand firmly planted in one emotion or the other.

Actually in my late teens and early twenties my dominant emotion was sadness. I rarely experienced joy and one day after my first love decided we were not meant to be together and after weeks of reeling from my heartbreak, I decided in a moment I would no longer be a victim to my emotions and I chose to be happy. Happy was the emotion of the day. No matter what life experience I would have, I would be happy. I was determined and for the most part I was successful. I eventually realized that it was just another way to cope with the sadness that resided in my heart and how it limited my experience of authenticity and intimacy with myself and others.

Over the years I began to experience the safety and richness in embracing, feeling, accepting and sharing all my emotions.

It appears the emotional growth continues and there is more – sorrow and joy simultaneously. I had no idea this was possible.

Understanding and accepting we live in a world of duality has somehow brought me more inner peace, it has brought a depth of richness in life’s journey. It has encouraged a deeper commitment to self love and self acceptance and a greater acceptance of life’s greatest duality – life and death.

As I sit and watch this video and look at pictures of my sons camping trip with individuals in his life who have stepped up and filled the void of the loss of Brian, I cry. My heartaches. At the same time I smile. My heart expands.

I am accepting this is life.

The tragedies of life.
The joys of life.
The depth of emotion.
The duality of emotions.

Loss has taught me that embracing the negative and positive, embracing life’s dualities is where life’s richness lies.

Because of this I know I will be ok.
I know Kenny will be ok.

And I want you to know you will be ok.

Our soul yearns for this growth – when we can be with the dualities of life we give ourselves the gift of a greater love and the inner knowing all will be OK.

It is not easy but I am beginning to see that in the duality is where we become the person we are meant to be.


Did You Miss Last Week’s Excitement?

Here we are mid September already.  Hope you all had a wonderful summer. I am grateful for the fun filled activities we did this summer including 2 family reunions. I saw family I have not seen for 20 years!

First day of School!

First day of School!

And my son started Kindergarten this year, there has not been a dull moment.

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It is so inspiring to witness the growth of the coaching profession and see more and more coaches step into realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.

I know everyone on last week’s webinar took away some key strategies they can implement right away. I also know what we were able to cover on that webinar was just the tip of the iceberg. The Passion into Profit program is where the real magic happens!

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  • Tools that will help you build a network of raving fans.
  • Clarity on pricing your services appropriately based on the skills and experience you bring to the table as a professional coach.
  • Appropriate marketing strategies to grow your business.
  • Mastery in the art of transforming prospects into clients.
  • Freedom from the worker bee mindset.
  • A strong connection to your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Business success habits that leverage your time and efforts.
  • Practical tools to build your business and continue to reach greater heights in your career as a coach entrepreneur.

The next session of the Passion into Profit program begins October 7th!

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“I love how the Passion into Profit program has helped me create a business different from others and fully in line with my own style. I have made more corporate appointments and am clear on how to increase my visibility and position myself well to attract my ideal clients. In March I will have made 10K euros!!!”
~ Audrey Gauthier

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The Four-Step System to a Powerful Enrollment Conversation

Coaching-enrollment-conversationWhen someone shows curiosity about coaching, how do you respond? As a coach who is also an entrepreneur, it is important to have a system in place to make the most of this opportunity. In my last blog I introduced the strategy of leveraging the complimentary coaching session by approaching it as an enrollment conversation. I want to share a simple four-step system that will enable you to facilitate this initial session in a way that provides maximum value for both your prospect and your business.

Four Steps to a Powerful Enrollment Conversation 

1. Prequalify

When someone asks about coaching, your first task is to find out if they are seriously considering working with a coach, or if they are just curious about the features of coaching in general. A few questions in the initial contact should make this clear.

If your prospect is seriously looking at working with a coach, then begin the process of setting up a complimentary session. Explain that the intent of this session is to get clear about what they want to create and to see if working with a coach is the best next step.

How to master this step:  Send your prospect a questionnaire to complete prior to the first session. The questionnaire not only provides valuable information, it’s also another way to assess your prospect’s commitment.

2. Lead

Set the tone not just for this session, but for the duration of your coaching relationship as well. State a clear purpose before you begin and ask your prospect to commit to that purpose.

How to master this step: Take the lead. Be clear about the direction of the session and keep your prospect on that path. Stay focused on establishing what your prospect wants to create and how coaching can help.

3. Question.

This is the body of the conversation. Your aim is to create an emotional shift. Help your prospect identify what they really want and what they need to do. Expect tears or excitement as their inner truth is uncovered.

How to master this step: Ask powerful and strategic questions. Listen carefully to the answers and ask more questions that take your prospect deeper.

4. Invite

This is the time to invite your prospect to do business with you. Ask them if they are ready to commit to making their vision a priority. Offer your coaching services. Celebrate their decision to start this journey.

How to master this step: Be clear and direct. Ask for the commitment. Have clarity about what comes next, including an outline of the program and the financial commitment.

Systems are the foundation of a successful coaching business.  They create clarity, confidence, and a structure your prospect can trust. Systems give you the security you need to fully lean into the coaching process. Your client relies on you to lead the process. It is your job to help them create a vision for what is possible in their lives and to demonstrate the value of hiring you as a coach.

Passion into Profit Challenge: Outline your process and be ready when a client asks you about your coaching services.


A Mindset Shift for Making the Most of a Complimentary Coaching Session

Complimentary-Coaching-SessionThe complimentary coaching session is a tool many coaches use to turn prospects into paying clients. Simply put, you invite the prospect to experience coaching by offering the first session free of charge. This is one of the most powerful business building strategies available to coaches, yet many are not using it to their full advantage.

In my Passion into Profit program I teach coaches to embrace their dual role as coach and entrepreneur. One of the keys to adopting the entrepreneurial mindset is the awareness that what we call a complimentary session is actually an enrollment conversation.

In a traditional complimentary coaching session, there is very little business building strategy involved. The client arrives at the session hoping to work through a specific issue. You coach them on this issue, and may even facilitate a breakthrough or an “aha moment.” From a business building perspective, this generalized approach fails to leverage the complimentary session effectively.

The enrollment conversation has a different purpose. It is a coaching session focused entirely on the benefits your prospect will receive by becoming your client. In this approach, the session supports your prospect to get clear both about what they want to accomplish and about why working with you is their next best step.

The enrollment conversation should not be confused with an information session. If prospects have questions about the features of coaching, set aside a separate block of time for that. But always book the complimentary session as well and let them know that part of the purpose for the complimentary session is to decide if coaching is the next best step to help them achieve their most desired goals.

Shift your mindset from selling to being of service! Use the complimentary session to get to know your prospect and understand the best ways to help him or her live an ideal life. Love the process. Enjoy it! Have fun, be curious and ask powerful questions.

Demonstrate the value of having a coach. Find out what your prospect wants to create and show them how you can help. When the session is over, invite your prospect to step up by asking them to commit to working with you. When leveraged effectively, the complimentary coaching session becomes a powerful business-building tool.

Passion into Profit Challenge: Examine your personal approach to complimentary coaching sessions. How could you more effectively leverage this tool?


Video Blog: Finding the Right Assistant

In my last post, I emphasized the value of hiring an assistant. I explained why administrative support makes sense at every stage of your business development, from the moment you launch your coaching practice. There are different types of support you will need at different times. The type of assistant you choose will vary according to where you are in the growth of your business. To choose the right type of assistant, imagine support in terms of stages. As your business grows and thrives, you can gradually take everything, including your support team, to the next level!

Level 1: Customer Service

Early in your business, more than likely your main focus will be building your one-on-one coaching practice, and having an assistant who is primarily responsible for customer service can make all the difference. This type of support would include tasks such as contact with prospective clients, booking appointments, and distribution of welcome packages and invoices.

Level 2: Technical Support

As you become more established and begin to expand your practice online, it will be time to consider an assistant who can offer focused technical support. This could be someone who specializes in online marketing, social media or website development. Sometimes the person you choose to help you with technical support can also be responsible for customer service. Or you may find it beneficial to separate them into two different roles.

Level 3: Strategic Management

As your business grows and you have several different profit centers and a variety of marketing venues it might be time to hire an (online) business manager. This role involves more than task completion. This is someone who helps with the day-to-day management of projects, operations, team members and tracking for results. An online business manager enables you to expand your business, while you focus on only the things you can do.

Whichever level of support you choose, consider hiring a virtual assistant. As the title suggests, virtual assistants work remotely, which provides maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness, making them an invaluable resource for coaches.

To clarify the type of assistance you need in your business right now, pull out your journal and ask yourself daily: What am I doing that I would like to delegate? Does it fit under customer service, technical support or strategic management? This will help you develop a job description. Once you are clear about what you need, start the search. There are a variety of agencies online that can help you find these different type of support. In addition, referrals from other coaches are also a great place to find the right person.

Choosing the appropriate level of support for your business depends on the size of your client roster and the financial resources you have available. The more you free up time to do income producing activity, the faster your business will grow.

Passion Into Profit Challenge: Choose three administrative tasks you wish you could delegate. What could you do instead to increase your bottom line?


Video Blog: Why it Pays to Hire an Assistant

Hiring an assistant can be one of the greatest steps in claiming that you are a coach in business. When you hire administrative support, you see clearly how you spend your time. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, which is a costly error many entrepreneurs make, you have the space to focus on activities that will attract paying clients.

One of the biggest mistakes I see new coaches make is they wait too long to hire an assistant. There are several administrative tasks that go along with running a successful business. Without support you may not have any time left over to be a coach.

The most common reason new coaches give for not hiring an assistant is that they don’t yet have a positive cash flow. At first glance this reasoning makes sense. It’s hard to justify increasing the financial investment into your business when you don’t have money coming in. But the simple action of hiring an assistant can catapult your business into profitability.

Hiring an assistant can be one of the greatest steps in claiming that you are a coach in business. When you hire administrative support, you see clearly how you spend your time. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, which is a costly error many entrepreneurs make, you have the space to focus on activities that will secure paying clients. You also have an extra dose of motivation, because you need paying clients so you can continue to pay for your assistant!

Administrative support enables you to delegate the tasks that are not directly related to increasing your bottom line.  I often share with the Passion into Profit participants that we want to spend at least 60 percent of our time engaged in activities that build our business. We need to spend another 20 percent of our time preparing for these activities. You won’t have time to implement your marketing plan and attract new paying clients if you are too busy preparing invoices and compiling welcome packages.

If you don’t have positive cash flow yet, you can still hire an assistant. You just have to get creative. Barter your services, do an exchange or hire a college intern. Even if it’s just for a few hours a week, find a way to hire support sooner rather than later. No matter where you are in in the startup process, an assistant is a wise investment in your business.

Passion into Profit Challenge: Get creative! What are some ways you could afford to hire an assistant right now?


The Four Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

EntrepreneurWhen you own a coaching business, you wear two hats. You are the coach, working with your clients, and the entrepreneur working to grow your business. You are always both, always balancing these dual roles.

Successful entrepreneurs know how to use their time efficiently and strategically to garner the best possible results. They plan ahead to make the most of each week and they consistently engage in these four business-building habits:

1.     Money Making Activities

This is the foundation of your business. Sixty percent of your time needs to be spent on activities that directly generate income for your business. In addition to your regular coaching sessions, these activities may include attending a networking event, asking for referrals, following up with clients, or providing a complimentary session.

2.     Preparation 

Preparation activities are all the things we do to make the income producing activities possible. Preparation may include working on website content, blogging, creating marketing materials, etc. These activities (ideally) become moneymakers when they create opportunities to generate paying clients. Block out 20 percent of your time for preparation activities.

3.     Super Service

Ten percent of your calendar should be devoted to “wowing” your clients. A big part of making an impact is remembering to under-promise and over-deliver. How can you wow a client today? Is there someone you have been working with who is showing a high level of dedication and commitment? Perhaps you could reward them with a free session! Or maybe there’s someone who really experienced a breakthrough recently. Call them to touch base and see how they are. These are the kinds of super service activities that help you create a network of raving fans.

4.     Administration

As an entrepreneur we will always have administrative activities to do, but we want to ensure we do not spend more the 10 percent of our time on these task. Your time is better spent on the above three areas. If you are spending more than ten percent of your time on administrative activities, it is time to hire an assistant.

I want to add one more success habit to this list. It doesn’t have a percentage attached because it’s not part of your regular work schedule. The fifth habit of every successful entrepreneur is creating regular opportunities to unplug. Give yourself scheduled time every week to step away from the demands of your business and be present with the people, places and things that bring you joy.  Maybe this doesn’t seem like an entrepreneurial success habit, but it’s vital to your success and well-being. We need to step back and recharge in order to keep giving our best. How are you making these success habits a part of your coaching practice?

Passion into Profit Coaches Challenge: Take stock of how are you spending your time each week. Begin designing your week around these four business building habits.


Learn From My Challenges And Make It A Stress Free Summer

My son Kenny and I recently spent some time in Ottawa visiting Grandma and Grandpa. One of the main reasons for the trip was the opportunity for my son to experience camping with Grandpa. The chances that Kenny’s dad and I would ever take him camping are pretty slim, and definitely not the way Grandpa does it!

We roughed it in the truest sense – no comforts, just the great outdoors (the things we do for our children, right?). What I didn’t realize before we went on this adventure was just how rewarding this experience would be for me, not to mention how much I needed it. In my mentoring conversations with fellow coaches I often talk about the importance of fully unplugging and completely stepping away from technology. For me, our authentic camping trip was a fully unplugged experience and the timing could not have been better!


In today’s article I share why my unplugged moment came at the perfect time, as well as some really important technology tips to help you avoid my recent entrepreneurial nightmare.
If you have been thinking of joining us for the Passion into Profit this fall you may want to take advantage of the current pricing before June 30, 2015.

See our Resource of the Month below.

Learn From My Challenges And Make It A Stress Free Summer:

Days before our camping trip I was forced into technology hell. My website got hacked; not once but twice, and not just one website, both websites. My webmaster’s comment to me was “every single file is infected, this is the most intrusive hack I have ever witnessed”. Great. I was tempted to share with you a screenshot of what my website homepage looked like after the attack, but it was sooooo earie I didn’t want to have that energy stored anywhere on my computer (think terrorist attack type feeling).

Thanks to my savvy right hand assistant Donna Paulson, and my expert webmaster I was able to retrieve all my content – SO grateful! Because we were able to save the content the process of getting everything back up and running was not quite as stressful as it could have been (and not nearly as stressful as I made it all out to be in my head).

In my 20 years of business this is the first time I’ve experienced a website hack. Naturally I wanted to know how it happened, but that is not an easy thing to determine. We have not yet found the key cause of the hack, but we have learned several things about website security, and are taking steps to ensure our security processes move to the next level. I encourage you to take a look at the systems in your business and make security a priority this summer. So that the mess I am still cleaning up will not be part of your entrepreneurial journey.

Security Lessons Learned…

1. Build your website on WordPress

There are a whole host of reasons to build your site using the WordPress platform, ( not .com) not the least of which is the ease of putting security plugins in place. If you are not sure what a plugin is, talk to your website expert about switching your website to WordPress.

2. Regularly update

To keep hackers working hard to get into your site, keep it updated. Keep your WordPress version up-to-date as much as possible.

3. Use secure, complex passwords (include capital letters, numbers & symbols)

Hackers are slick, don’t make their job easy for them by using your birthday or phone number as your password. And don’t use the same passwords for all your online tools.

4. Back up! Back up! Back up!

Having a back-up file of your entire website stored in a secure location outside your server (such as Dropbox or Amazon S3) is SO important. If you update your website daily, you may need a daily back-up, if you update the content on your site less frequently a weekly back-up should do.

5. Bring in an expert

As many of you know I am big messenger of surrounding yourself with experts. As the CEO of your business you should be focused on the things only you can do to grow the business. Ideally you have a webmaster on your team who will manage website security for you. A couple hours a month may be all that is needed to save your sanity.

Having all of the above in place does not guarantee your site will be hack-proof, but in my recent experience it will dramatically lessens the chances.


One more To Do on your business building list for this summer… schedule regular opportunities to unplug. This is not always easy to do as an entrepreneur because our To Do list seems to never end – I get it. BUT this challenge is success critical!

Schedule yourself time every week to step away from the demands of your business and be present with the people, places and things that bring you joy. Look at your calendar now, block out some down time each week, as well as your vacation time. Then stick to it.

In order to keep giving our best to both our clients, and our own business, we need to step back and recharge. Eventhough there was a part of me resisting Grandpa’s camping adventure, I am very grateful I had that experience with the people I love. It forced me to unplug. Going from our website fiasco to a place without cell service was a huge gift. It helped me to get grounded, to recharge and to put things back in perspective. When I came back to my work it was with a renewed sense of positivity.

With technology today, regularly unplugging is not always easy, but making it a priority could be the most strategic business activity you do (as valuable as any marketing activity on your list).


Turn your Passion Into Profit today and take advantage of current pricing before June 30, 2015.

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  • Gain the confidence and clarity on who you are as a coach.
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  • Learn how to utilize specific, measurable strategies to gain and keep new customers at a profit.
  • Build a network that creates raving fans.
  • Master the art of transforming prospects into clients.
  • Formulate and implement appropriate marketing strategies to help grow your business.
  • Develop business success habits that leverage your time and efforts.
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~ Audrey Gauthier

“Taking the PIP program was the best decision I’ve made for my coaching business. Teresia teaches us how to personalize everything, to use our own gifts, talents, and attractive abilities, leading with our heart when marketing our business, and that is something you don’t get anywhere else.”

~Sherry Peters

If you are still curious about whether the Passion Into Profit program is the right fit for you for you, you can chat with one of the Erickson College advisors by calling 1-800-665-6949, emailing or visit here for more information.


Are Your Activities Giving You Bottom-line Results?

SettingPrioritiesEntrepreneurs are busy people. We work on our business and in our business and there is always more to do. The baffling part is that we can work a lot of hours and not get the outcomes we want.

It’s not hard to get busy. The whirlwind of activity is always available to us. If we’re not discerning about the type of activity we focus on, we can end up frustrated, exhausted and no further ahead. It can be challenging to consistently take the actions we need to take to have success but it is critical to the growth of our business.

One of the reasons entrepreneurs often get lost in an endless sea of tasks is because the actions that are most valuable are often the most vulnerable. It feels safer to catch up on emails or work on the website than it does to pick up the phone and follow up with a prospective client. This is not to say that administrative tasks are not part of the entrepreneurial toolbox, but if you are hiding behind a mountain of administrative tasks and failing to do the income-producing activities that will move your business forward, you won’t get the results you want and need in order to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Three ways to leverage your activities:

  • Get Real. Take stock. Are you spending your time wisely? Are you choosing the easy path instead of the profitable one? One of the things I do when I feel too busy is write down everything I do for a week. Then I look back over the flurry of activity and eliminate 50 percent of it—yes, 50 percent! Timothy Ferriss, the bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9–5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (expanded updated ed., Harmony, 2009), reminds us that most things don’t matter. Prioritize the things that do.
  • Focus. When you cut through all the tasks and to-dos, your primary business activities need to involve connecting with people and generating paying clients. Everything else is secondary. Learn to say no to requests and tasks that dilute this focus.
  • Prioritize. There are only so many hours in a week. It’s crucial to make strategic choices about how you spend your time. Consider claiming a monthly priority project. Each month, choose one business activity that will give you the biggest return. What is most important now? What is the low-hanging fruit? Simplify your to-do list and prioritize one major activity that will propel your business forward.

We all love working with our clients. Our passion for helping others is why most of us got into coaching in the first place. To be able to live our passion, we must embrace the entrepreneurial mindset alongside our love for coaching. This means that we will spend the majority of our time working on the business (i.e., working on income-generating activities) so that we can have the opportunity to work in it. Focus on consistently increasing your bottom line and make every action count. All it takes is a small shift to get massive results.

Passion into Profit Challenge: This week, block out time to take stock of how you are spending your time, get real about how much time you are spending on direct business building activities and choose your monthly priority project.


The Value of Letting Yourself Be Seen

Let-yourself-be-seenThe power of conscious vulnerability is a popular topic in personal development. Many people don’t realize it’s also an effective business-building strategy. Are you allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your role as a coach and entrepreneur? If not, you are missing an opportunity to access a powerful business-building tool.

When you allow yourself to be fully seen, you open the door to being fully supported. Vulnerability is necessary to the development of your support team, whether your team includes a coach, colleagues, a mastermind group or all three!  As an entrepreneur, it is key to cultivate a network of people supporting each other to achieve success. Vulnerability is the invisible component that unlocks the power of this supportive network.

Being seen includes showing your weaknesses and shortcomings, along with your successes and wins. Vulnerability is a willingness to invite others to witness all of who we are. When we do this, people can begin to relate to us in authentic and meaningful ways. This builds a foundation of trust.

One strategy that can help you begin to explore vulnerability is to practice the skill of asking for help. Even though we are in business for ourselves, we don’t have to be in business by ourselves. We all need help to succeed. Getting clear on the areas where we need assistance and having the courage to ask your support network for help could be the breakthrough you need to reach a new level in your business.

As you reveal yourself, others are able to effectively support you because you are being transparent and about where you actually are in your process. It can be uncomfortable and even scary to let our guard down and admit that we need help, but this enables people to support us in all the places we truly need it.

Identify the areas where you resist stepping into who you need to be to build an extraordinary business. Start with a “brain drain.”  Grab a pen and paper or open up a document on your computer. Without censoring yourself, write down all the places in your business where you could benefit from additional support.

These areas might include:

  • Crafting your vision
  • Getting clear about your marketing strategy
  • Completing key technical or administrative tasks
  • Moving through your feelings of self-doubt or insecurities

Examine the list you created. Next to each item, write the name of someone in your network who has the skills to help you. Imagine how good it would feel to be supported in these areas. What could this do for the growth of your business?

Passion into Profit Challenge: Make a commitment to ask at least one person in your support network for help within the next 30 days.