This is me ...

In reviewing my life to date, It feels best to share my identity from a ‘then and now’ perspective - in order of priority I am a Mom, a daughter, a coach, a friend and a widow.

My journey has taken me from being a highly achievement oriented focus to a direction of seeking more deeply what’s real, what’s true and what’s most meaningful.

In my ‘then’ I have had the privilege of a successful career as a personal coach to hundreds of fellow seekers who wanted to live their best life. It was my honor to serve my clients, to be both a confidant and to hold up the light focused on his or her highest potential.

My pathway to being a coach was illuminated by my own personal development journey at the age of 21 when my first love dumped me, but before he dumped me he gave me the book Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins and said, “read it, you need it”.  

In 1996 after a stint of working with Anthony Robbins I started my own coach practice.

In my “then” as a coach I specialized in helping entrepreneurs become more successful, more joyful and more profitable in their business. I had built a highly successful coaching practice and created a program to help other coaches succeed, The Passion into Profit program - a customized business building program for coaches.

In 2010 I was named the Director of Erickson College International Business Center.

I have trained and mentored coaches worldwide to take their talent and passion for one on one coaching into highly rewarding and successful businesses.

My passion for coaching led me to be the first Canadian to achieve the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential. By 1997, I was recognized as one of the top practice builders in North America by renowned success coach Robert B. Alderman, founder of” The Full Practice Forum.” In the same year, Coach University recognized me as a leading practitioner. 

My commitment to coaching led me to co-found the Vancouver chapter of the International Coach Federation and over the years have been featured in various media across Canada.

Coaching has brought me many gifts including how I met my life partner Brian, he was a coach client and we fell in love and so I had to fire him as a client and exchange our relationship for an intimate partnership. We were both committed to growth, had the same values and created a life we loved together. 

On the morning of January 6th, 2016 my life changed in an instant, when I awoke to find that Brian had passed away in his sleep.  

Brian, my best friend, the cheerleader of our dreams, my partner for 18 years and the champion of our desire to have and raise a child was suddenly gone.

The lifeline for me during this time was our son Kenny and the focus on giving him as much love and support possible during this difficult time. With in the first two years of Brian’s pasing we moved from the only home Kenny had known to Ottawa where my immediate family lives.

The love and support of my family has been a godsend.

Which brings me to now, I am presently on sabbatical from my coaching business and surrendering to the need to reevaluate and reinvent my life. 

For the first time in my life I do not have a plan.

There is a personal metamorphosis happening and I am doing my best to surrender to it.  As challenging as it is at times, I am approaching each day with a beginner’s mind, being open to what grief and life has to teach me, embracing how I feel, paying close attention to what interests me, what brings me joy and gives me energy.

What I do know for sure is that I love being a mom and I love being a coach.

As I rebuild my life, share my challenges, lessons, and experiences, my hope is that it will give others comfort, hope and inspiration to continue to take the courageous steps to give themselves and those they love the greatest gift of all, choosing daily to live their best life.