Treasure your thoughts and feelings

I am up early and treasuring this time to be with my thoughts and feelings.Loss has revealed everything that needs healing and attention. Even with what I know to be my mission, my priority is restorative, spiritual growth and space to be a present mom. This is a must.

Live Life Fully

“Kenny, you, your mom and I are going to get on a big plane and fly to Paris and from there we are going to ride in one of the fastest high speed trains in the world." Sharing this with Kenny was on Brian's bucket list. I know doing this upcoming trip without Brian will be hard. 

Radical Change

Sometimes life happens and initiates radical change. Sometimes if we dare, we initiate radical change. On January 6th 2016, life happened. My life partner died suddenly. My life radically changed.

The Dualities of Life

Profound sorrow, profound joy has been my reality since I suddenly lost my life partner and the father of my son. With loss there is an overwhelming experience of duality of emotions.

A Butterfly Release

A butterfly (and Kenny) assisted me along my journey with grief. Kenny came to me with ample excitement for me to join his class for the "butterfly release." All month he had been learning about the metamorphosis of butterflies.