No matter what kind of loss, I am sure I can speak for most, it forces one to reflect and reevaluate life. 

Loss changed everything for me. Everything as I knew it has changed. It is scary. I did not choose it but I am embarking on a new chapter in my life and doing my best to consciously create the best life for Kenny and I.


Teresia Larocque

Embracing our unhappiness is our best chance to create a happy life.

Embracing our unhappiness is our best chance to create a happy life.

Are you Happy?

After three of weeks of unplugging from social media I am looking forward to reconnecting with you and want to wish you, my valued online community a Happy New Year.

And as I do, it makes me ponder the wish "Happy New Year".

For most, Is it really a Happy New Year?

Grief, loss, disconnection, is not a happy feeling.

It is etched in my memory; the morning of........the morning my life changed; the coroner said to me "January is our busiest time of year". 
 Someone recently shared with me an article that stated the highest death rates are on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day and the most fatal emergencies happen over the holidays. 😞🙏

In addition January is the busiest month for mental health professionals (councelors, social workers psychotherapists etc) and............most of us choose suffering in silence before asking for help.

So is this really a happy time?

Many would describe me as a positive person but since loss I am learning to be Ok with not always being positive, having more sad days then good days, cancelling plans last minute to look after myself and making self care a priority.

My reality, entering year two without my life partner, the father of my son, managing our life changes and ongoing grief, it is not a happy time. Period.

At times it feels more challenging then the first year. When I am honest with myself, most days feels unbearable. I miss Brian dearly. I miss our life together.

Up until now I was unaware. The New Year was all about looking forward, designing my best life, visioning the future, resolving to stop a bad habit or initiate a new more positive behavior and encouraging, coaching and championing others to do the same.

I know like the seasons there are seasons of life.

This season, this year, my goal is to simply be present. To be present daily, hourly, moment by moment.

To be present to my life. 
To be present to my relationships. 
To be present to my feelings. 
To be present to my pockets of joy. 
To be present to my souls desires; listen, feel and surrender.

Grief, loss, transition demands our attention and presence.

Grief, loss, transition demands our energy.

Would it serve you to let go of any New Years resolutions, goals or new commitments and simply choose to be present to your life?

Perhaps this year it is not about focusing on moving forward, but about going deeper with what is and what life presents to you.

That is my focus this year.

If you are in a rebuilding stage, embracing life after loss, or navigating through a major life change, I invite you to walk this journey with me. Together we will find our way, together we will
step by step rebuild a fulfilling life. One gift from loss is it is a chance to consciously reinvent yourself and create a life you love.

Soon I will be sharing a blog where I will continue to share my personal journey, insights and coaching tips. You can send an email to Put "blog please" in the subject box and we will ensure you are one of the first to know when it is live.

Change, loss, grief demands a new way to begin the New Year and to live your life.

If happy is not a word that would describe how you feel at this time that is Ok.

Embrace your unhappiness. 
Listen to it. Follow it. Ask it what it needs. And dare to go there.

Embracing our unhappiness is our best chance to create a happy life.

And just maybe, just maybe a year from now it WILL be a happy new year or at least one big leap towards that.

I am holding that vision for you. 
I am holding that vision for me. 

Embrace the power of music.

Embrace the power of music.

The Dualities of Life

The Dualities of Life