No matter what kind of loss, I am sure I can speak for most, it forces one to reflect and reevaluate life. 

Loss changed everything for me. Everything as I knew it has changed. It is scary. I did not choose it but I am embarking on a new chapter in my life and doing my best to consciously create the best life for Kenny and I.


Teresia Larocque

Radical Change

Radical Change

Sometimes life happens and initiates radical change. Sometimes if we dare, we initiate radical change.

 On January 6th 2016, life happened. My life partner died suddenly 😢😢🙏🙏.

My life radically changed.

Since that day my life has been in flux.

Navigating the waves of grief, dealing with life changing logistics, reallocating and managing our finances, finding my way as a single mom, managing all the day to day responsibilities that I once shared with a partner and operating an established coaching business. It has all proven to be too much with very little time for my personal healing and not to mention to be the mom I want to be.

Each week I have little by little been simplifying my life to create more space, but still it proves not enough for what my soul is yearning.

My soul yearns for more space.

My soul yearns for consistent blocks of"white space" - space just to be, to heal, to embrace my grief.

My soul yearns for more time to renew my connection with my inner self and spirit.

My soul yearns for deeper more meaningful connections and contribution.

My soul yearns for more freedom to be there for my son, not only physically but spiritually and emotionally.

My soul yearns for time and space to consciously design the next chapter of our life.

My soul yearns.

I dare.

I am initiating change - radical change.

I am selling our home and renting for a year.

I love our home.

Brian and I bought this home nine years ago. It provides the lifestyle we desired as a young family. We live eight blocks from the beach, one block from Kenny's school and walking distance to all the conveniences we need. It was our dream home.

The dream died when Brian died.

At this time I have no inkling of what the dream home (or lifestyle) is for Kenny and I. Thus the decision to rent for a year.

I am taking a year sabbatical from my career.

I love being a coach.

I love being an entrepreneur. I remember clearly the day I realized I was capable of making a decent living from coaching, I cried. Tears of joy. It was a dream come true. It has been 21 years of living my dream of helping others live their dream. I am deeply grateful.

Stepping away from coaching is something I never thought I would do. I value and treasure my clients trust in me and our authentic, honest meaningful conversations. Coaching is what I know, it is my identity, it is where I get confirmation that I am valuable.

I am relocating. I am taking my sabbatical In Ottawa to be with my immediate family where I will have an abundance of support raising my son.

I am giving myself these gift for a year.

The gifts of a reserve of space, support, and love.

It is scary.
It is risky.

My stomach tightens as I write this. But the deepest part within me - the part that feels instead of over- analyzing knows that this is the next best step for Kenny and I.

I am initiating radical change.

My soul yearns it.
My mental health needs it.
The chance to live my best life after loss depends on it.

Sometimes we need to shake up our foundation to heal or build the life we truly desire.

I know it is not easy..... it can be very very scary - a leap of faith.

I am holding on to what I know and that is that an authentic soulful vision will trump the fear.

What does your soul yearn for?
Is it time for change?
Is it time for radical change?
What is your next step to live your best life?

Will you dare with me?

Do share below, what might be your next radical step to live your best life?

My hope is that by continuing to share my journey through loss, transition and the steps in rebuilding a life of fulfilment and joy that it will in some way it give you strength and inspiration to continue to take the bold steps to live the life you truly desire.

I will continue to share my journey through my blog and offer resources and tips on social media, be sure to be connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.

Is your life in transition?

Is your life in transition?

My dear community ...

My dear community ...