No matter what kind of loss, I am sure I can speak for most, it forces one to reflect and reevaluate life. 

Loss changed everything for me. Everything as I knew it has changed. It is scary. I did not choose it but I am embarking on a new chapter in my life and doing my best to consciously create the best life for Kenny and I.


Teresia Larocque

Deepen your commitment to authenticity. Feel it. Embrace it. Express it.

Deepen your commitment to authenticity. Feel it. Embrace it. Express it.

I was slipping back into my old ways... To express our true feelings takes courage and a level of vulnerability.  

Whether you are angry, sad or bursting with joy, most of us are too concerned with what others will think to fully express ourselves. 

During my time here in Provence I was reading through some of my past blogs and the words below jumped out at me.

I was slipping......for example, I was beginning to suppress my grief more often than not. 

"It has been over a year, others will think I should be getting over "it" by now"

"I do not want to put a damper on the positive experiences I am sharing with others" 

"Feeling my grief is hard work and I am tired of it."

But my wiser self knows the power of and the gifts of being true to our feelings, embracing them and expressing them. 

If you feel like jumping for joy, don't hesitate - jump. If you feel like crying - don't hesitate - cry. 

I am recommitting to my own advice. I hope the below inspires you to join me. 

"In the past to publicly share my feelings, I worried about looking after the other person. Would they feel uncomfortable? Would there be an awkward moment of silence? Or would my feelings be denied? I have been worried about what others would think of me and I most definitely would not have crossed the professional line of letting my feelings be present in a coaching session. 

Somehow my traumatic experience of loss has put all these worries aside. Being present with my inner feelings and expressing them In the moment is at the top of my priority list, it seems a deeper commitment to authenticity. 

If you have been one to stifle your feelings to keep the peace or unconsciously you continue to be the good little boy or girl who was told some version of children should be seen but not heard, let my journey of grief be a doorway for you to embrace your authentic self and take baby steps towards self-empowerment. 

Feel it. Embrace it. Express it. 

Your well-being and quality of life depends on it.

"Look mom, we are closer to daddy!"

"Look mom, we are closer to daddy!"

Will you also dare with me?

Will you also dare with me?