The Passion Into Profit Home Study Program

Now that you’re a great coach, it’s time to become a masterful entrepreneur! This is a comprehensive business-building program that teaches you everything you need to develop a thriving, sustainable, six-figure coaching practice.

Delivered in a step-by-step series of strategies, tools and actionable insights, the Home Study Program is the perfect solution for emerging coaches who need a clear plan of action – without the structured time commitments of the interactive PIP Program.

Customized for Coaches

A New Approach to Goal Setting

Have you ever achieved a goal and not felt fulfilled? If so, you’re not alone. There is a different way! When goals are driven by needs, wants or should they can be a heavy burden. When we base our goals on things we value, believe in, and are important to us – achieving them can be effortless and enjoyable. Learn the steps in this self-coaching guide.

How to Turn Prospects into Clients

Learn the step-by-step strategy you can use to maximize your complimentary session and produce more paying clients.

Whether you’re a new coach just starting to build your coaching practice or a seasoned coach, you can implement the tools and strategies immediately after listening to the real audiotapes and/or reading the ebook in this package.

Customized for Coaches