How to Turn Prospects into Clients


The success of the complimentary coaching session can be the difference between coaching being a hobby or a profitable business.

After several years of trial and error with my complimentary session I have fine-tuned the strategy and language to turn prospects into paying coaching clients.

By making small changes to your complimentary session you too can shorten the time it takes to build your coaching practice. And you can do it with ease. Join the hundreds of coaches using these strategies with great success.

Are You Letting Potential Clients Slip Through Your Fingers?

If you’re like most of the coaches who come to me, you have very little strategy on how to make the most of a complimentary session. You’re probably putting a lot of time and effort into finding prospects and giving complimentary coaching sessions. You may feel frustrated because you know you can make a difference in people’s lives but very few people are hiring you as their coach.

Most of the marketing programs and books for coaches focus on how to reach more prospects and become more visible as a coach. While this is a vital step, you still need to know how to convert the interested into clients.

Here’s How I Can Support You to Get More Clients

I’ve created a real audio tape and ebook package that reveals the step-by-step strategy you can use to maximize your complimentary session to produce more paying clients. The reason I created this product is because I am committed to support you “the coach” to have more people hire you so that they (and you) can make their dreams come true.

Whether you’re a new coach just starting to build your coaching practice or a seasoned coach, you can implement the tools and strategies immediately after listening to the real audiotapes and/or reading the ebook.

This information was shared with a select group of coaches on two conference calls that we taped. You will hear their questions about the strategies as well as their successes in using the strategies.

The ebook is an expansion of what was discussed in the conference calls. Plus I’ve added bonus tips and additional tools and forms that can be used in the complimentary session process.

Here Are Some Strategies You Will Learn

Winning Complimentary Sessions – 1st Audio (47 min)

  • The difference between the information session and complimentary session.
  • Why you must separate educating the prospect about your service and coaching from the complimentary session.
  • How to prepare the prospect for the complimentary session.
  • A step-by-step process to pre-qualify prospects.
  • How to structure the Complimentary Session
  • Learn the 3-part strategy that will naturally lead to asking for the business. This strategy will also allow you to be fully present and give value to the potential client during the Complimentary Session.

Asking for the Financial Committment – 2nd Audio (53 min)

  • Getting the Financial Commitment
  • Why you must test the prospect’s commitment before asking for the business.
  • How to structure and present your coaching fees and programs to make it easy for prospects to make a decision.

Turn Prospects into Clients Workbook

  • Notes summarizing the main points in the audios
  • How to use your assistant to pre-qualify prospects
  • TLC Lingo – sample scripting and language for the entire complimentary session process. No more wondering what to say when!
  • The actual questionnaires I and my associates use to qualify and prepare prospects for the complimentary session

In summary, you will learn the entire step-by-step process to use from when the prospect first contacts you to getting the financial commitment and booking your first coaching session.

These Strategies Really Work!

I personally used the strategies I will share with you to grow my practice from $800 to $3000 per month in 3 months in 1996. I still use them now while running a six-figure income coaching practice. Since 1997 I have been supporting coaches to build successful practices using these strategies.

“How to turn your prospects into clients with the complimentary session”… BEST purchase I have ever made!!! A step-by-step “no-nonsense” guide to start (and SUCCEED in) your coaching business. You FEEL the experience, the trial an error, the insight! It gives you not only plenty of advice on what you are to do as new coach but also plenty of advise on prevention of new coaches’ common mistakes. The questionnaire, the three step complimentary session process, the scholarship offer…. BRILLIANT!!! The audio files help you wonders with an exchange packed with valuable information between the basic questions we all new coaches are confronted with and the precise answers of THE coaches’ coach (i.e. Teresia LaRocque). It helped me realize I was practically doing it ALL wrong, but now I KNOW I am on the right track… and inspired, motivated, engaged and confident as never before.”
— Coach Alvar Burgos, Entrepreneurial Strategy and International Business Development for Solo-entrepreneurs

These strategies have been used successfully by other coaches. It would cost a minimum of $500 per month to learn these strategies via personal coaching sessions. The “How to Turn Prospects into Clients with the Complimentary Session” real audio and ebook package is available for only $129 US!

“I don’t take a ‘no’ personally anymore. I know that if they are my ideal client they will become my client!”
— Vanessa Wiebel, Green Business Coach, “YES You Can, Confidence Coaching

100% Money Back Guarantee

The “How To Turn Prospects into Clients” package comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the package, email us a copy of your receipt within 30 days of your purchase date and your money will be refunded in full.

Enrolling individuals into coaching can be fun and effortless! If it isn’t fun for you, invest in this program and find out how it can be.

The key to success is taking action! Get started today. 

Turn Prospects into Clients with the Complimentary Session: $129US

Purchase - $125